Today I want to introduce you to my favourite yoga studio. I’ve become quite an expert on them since moving to Amsterdam. In the last year and a half, I’ve sampled dozens of studios and more types of yoga than I even knew existed. Yet one of the first studios I tried has remained a firm favourite ever since – Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan.

What makes it special?

Firstly, the fact that it’s heated. Amsterdam is no United Kingdom when it comes to indoor temperatures (waking up in a 15-degree bedroom? Been there, done that – the trick is to sleep in a onesie), but it’s certainly no Finland with perfect insulation either. I often feel quite cold in the regular non-heated yoga studios. No fear of such a thing at Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan.

Secondly, the classes are really nice. I have three favourites: Relax and Flow, Candlelight Flow, and Aroma Therapy Yoga. Yes, I know – none of these sound too sporty. The first two are usually yin yoga, sometimes mixed in with some easy flow – the intensity level varies by teacher.

Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan My favourite yoga studio in Amsterdam

Aroma Therapy classes, on the other hand, are always super calm. They include a long relaxation as well as some mini-massages by the lovely teacher, Angela. I had a class today and felt so relaxed I could have fallen asleep at the studio. Great counterweight for the gym session I had yesterday! (Haha, I had to add that last sentence just so you know I do do some “real” sports every once in a while ;)).

Last but not least of the reasons is the physical studio itself. Sure, it can get somewhat crowded during the more popular classes/times. But what it loses in space it wins in cosiness: stepping into the small studio feels like stepping into a cave – a clean, white and warm one. It’s lovely.

That’s why I was a bit disappointed to hear that, next month, Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan will be moving from its current studio on Eerste Looiersdwarsstraat to a bigger one on Prinsengracht. I hope the new location will manage to catch some of the cosiness of the current one!

Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan in a nutshell

What I like: The cosy studio, the wonderful classes, the friendly teachers, the fact that it’s heated… almost everything, in short.

What I don’t like quite as much: The fact that it’s moving! But I’m also keen to test out the new location. You never know, it might be even better!

Note to self: October starts next week, so you should try and pack in as many yoga sessions as you can before the move.

Would I go back: Yes – I’ve actually got another class booked for tomorrow!

What is your favourite yoga studio in Amsterdam?

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