Monthly Roundup: October 2019

I know, I know… it’s already mid-November, but hear me out: I’ve been travelling so much in recent weeks that today marks the first time that I’ve spent more than 24 hours straight at home this month. Against this background, it’s totally understandable that I’ve only got around to writing the monthly roundup now, right?… Continue reading Monthly Roundup: October 2019

I know what you did last summer: June, July & August 2018

I’ve been bad with monthly updates recently – in fact, I haven’t published one since February.  Autumn is the time to get back on course, so that’s what I’m going to do. To start off, here’s three months of summer in one mammoth of a post – you might want to get yourself a cup… Continue reading I know what you did last summer: June, July & August 2018

Monthly Roundup: February 2018

I’m typing this listening to Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold, which seems very appropriate: from record highs (in California) to snowstorms (in the UK), February was full of contrasts. I started the month soaking up the sun in San Francisco and ended it watching snow cover the pretty streets of London. In between, I had… Continue reading Monthly Roundup: February 2018

Monthly Roundup: January 2018

I’m sitting on a park bench. It’s 4pm and sun has just set behind the hills of San Francisco, yet it’s still warm enough for me to chill outside wearing nothing but a short summer dress that I got this afternoon for 3 dollars (we didn’t pack summer clothes as we definitely did not expect… Continue reading Monthly Roundup: January 2018

Monthly roundup: December 2017

Amsterdam in December

December was a month of celebrations, beginning with Finland’s independence festivities and culminating in Christmas. It started in Helsinki with ten days filled with fieldwork and fun, continued in Amsterdam where I got to admire the picture-perfect city in its winter plumage, and concluded in London with a glorious firework display that we managed to… Continue reading Monthly roundup: December 2017

Monthly roundup: October 2017

Better late than never, right? I was planning to publish the collection of October highlights earlier in the month, but then Madrid happened and, well, here we are. However, today is actually a good day for finishing this post – it’s chilly and rainy but quite cosy, just the sort of weather one would usually… Continue reading Monthly roundup: October 2017

Monthly roundup: September 2017

Colourful leaves, chilly mornings, hot chocolate and chestnuts? Not quite. September was still a full-on summer month: I got to experience some of the hottest days of the year and wear the sundresses that had remained in the closet during the colder-than-expected Northern summer. It was a busy month both for me and for the… Continue reading Monthly roundup: September 2017