Stop the Press: There’s Snow in Amsterdam!

snow in amsterdam

I was barely awake, snuggly wrapped up in my bathing robe and slowly sipping my morning tea when I spotted it: big fluffy snowflakes floating down behind our window. All of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling tired at all – it’s not every day that you get to experience snow in Amsterdam!

It was really cold by Amsterdamian standards and pretty slippery too, but I simply could not resist going for a walk outside. It’s funny how something so familiar (I grew up in Finland) can still get me so excited… or maybe the happy childhood memories are exactly why I like snow so much?

Surprisingly, many people didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm: the streets were practically empty, which made the experience even more magical. The animals seemed to love it though!

The snow has almost melted by tonight, but there are two defiant snowmen still standing in our yard. Who knows – the forecast says we might get some more on Friday!

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