My Favourite Florentine Eateries: The Best Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Florence

Best budget restaurants Florence: view of Firenze from Piazzale Michelangelo

If, for some weird reason, someone wanted to record and analyse the conversations my dear travel companions and I have during our trips to Italy, they’d find “yummy!” an essential part of our vocabulary. Who could blame us – food is one of the many delights awaiting voyagers in the Bel Paese, and the capital of Tuscany is no exception to the rule: there are so many wonderful restaurants in Florence that you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

In fact, there are so many restaurants in the city that choosing the right one can become a daunting task. To help out, I’ve decided to reveal some of my favourite Florentine eateries. These are the places that I learned to love during my Erasmus exchange at Università degli Studi di Firenze, or (re-)discovered when I was lucky enough to return for a long weekend a few years back. What’s more, all of them are well suited for travellers on a student budget. Just a word of warning – you might want to grab yourself a slice of pizza before reading any further. Done? Ok then, here we go!

The Best Restaurants in Florence: Enjoying the Pizza at Mostodolce

My favourite restaurants in Florence

Mostodolce – Via Nazionale

One of my favourite restaurants ever & the place to go if you like your beer… and pizza, and pasta, and panini. Relaxed atmosphere and simply delicious food – what more could a hungry tourist ask for?

Festival del Gelato – Via del Corso

When it comes to ice cream in Italy, you can’t get it wrong… but if you want to get it really, really right, head to Festival del Gelato. You’ll be running back for more. Like I do. Five times a day. At least.

The Best Restaurants in Florence: Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale

Europe’s grandest indoor market has everything and anything a foodie could wish for, from dozens of different types of prosciutto to fresh and delicious frutte e verdure. It’s also the perfect destination for a DIY lunch: fill your basket with Florentine delicacies, take them down to Arno & enjoy.

Da Nerbone – Mercato Centrale

This small food stall, located within the beautiful Mercato Centrale, is loved by locals and tourists alike. No wonder: it offers great Florentine fare for budget-friendly prices. You can sit down or take the food with you, but either way, be prepared to queue. It’s definitely worth the wait.

The Best Restaurants in Florence: Il Bufalo Trippone

Il Bufalo Trippone – Via dell’Anguillara

Pay attention or you could easily walk past this tiny sandwich shop – and come to regret it. In addition to truly delicious panini, they make oh-mazing antipasti platters and sell organic goodies to take home. Sit down behind the pocket-sized table, chat to the friendly owners while they prepare your food, then close your eyes, take a bite and get ready to fall in love with Italy all over again.

Salumeria Verdi – Via Verdi

Salumeria Verdi is the perfect place for a quick bite: the prices are great, the service is friendly and the panini are delicious. Just so you know, we spent 15 minute deciding which panino to go with… they all look good and taste even better!


What are your favourite restaurants in Florence? Are you familiar with any of the eateries on the list? Leave a comment below!


  1. I wish I’d seen this wonderful list when I went to Florence in August! I was so wary of the ‘tourist trap’ restaurants overcharging — but had no time (day trip) to look for local restaurants. Thank you – bookmarking! X x x

  2. I love local markets! This one looks like it has everything you could possibly want. That pizza looks so good. There is nothing like pizza in Italy!

  3. I love Italy mainly for the food…especially as a vegetarian, the options are so many…I am yet to go to Florence though and hope to visit this year..

  4. Thanks for such clear, concise information – there are some great options here! One of my friends is travelling to Florence next month so I’ll be sure to pass on your recommendations!

  5. Florence is high on my list but unfortunately I’ve never visited. This food looks incredible… one of my favorite things to do in Italy is just EAT!

  6. I have been to Florence twice but those visits were a bit rushed. I didn’t have enough time to try the good food offered by the city. I did ate gelato more than once daily. I tried as many places and flavors as possible. I would love to go back and try your recommendations. I am all about markets, so, I would go crazy on a place like the Mercato Centrale.

  7. 🙂 It always looks so inviting when I read food-oriented bloggers. Yet when I’m actually travelling I can never seem to make it about food!

  8. My favorite restaurant in Florence has to be Il Vico del Carmine. It’s a simple Napoletan pizza place that makes delicious and affordable food.

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