Discovering London: The Notting Hill Carnival 2019

Warm sunshine, hot beats and cool people: that’s our Notting Hill Carnival 2019 in a nutshell. This past weekend marked the 4th time we’ve participated in the world-famous festival of Caribbean culture, and we had a blast. And yet, while dancing on the streets and admiring the passing sound systems, the social scientist in me kept thinking that I should learn more about the carnival’s roots.

So, while preparing this post, I did. Most of the things I read I was already familiar with – such as the story of how the carnival has grown from a small neighborhood party to one of Europe’s largest street festivals – but I also found out something I definitely did not expect: one of the original organizers of the Notting Hill carnival back in 1960s was Rhaune Laslett, a “Londoner of Native American and Russian descent” (click here for source)Imagine my surprise!

Learning that the carnival was created by someone who, like me, was “partly” Russian made me feel a whole new connection to it. It’s funny how big of a difference such a small detail can make.Thank you, Notting Hill – i do vstrechi!



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